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2007 Schedule

8/25 1:00 @
McLeansboro (Hamilton County)
8/31 7:00 H
St. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
9/7 7:00 H
9/14 7:00 @
9/21 7:00 H
*Bismarck (B.-Henning)
9/28 7:00 @
*Hoopeston (H. Area)
10/5 7:00 H
*Georgetown (G.-Ridge Farm)
10/12 7:00 @
*Danville (Schlarman)
10/19 7:00 H
*Fithian (Oakwood) [Coop]

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Lashmet Sports Complex Directions Catlin

Team 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final

Week #6 vs.Danville (Schlarman) 0-6

Storm Blitz Schlarman, 47-0

By Richard Lamb
Sports Reporter
The Sidell Reporter

They scored quickly. They scored through the air and on the ground. They scored on sustained drives. Summarize the first quarter of the Catlin Homecoming game between the Salt Fork Storm and the Schlarman Hilltoppers and one word comes to mind, Blitzkrieg!

The dictionary defines blitzkrieg as any sudden, overwhelming attack, to overwhelm and destroy. Before four minutes of the first quarter had expired, Salt Fork had scored three touchdowns and led 20-0! A final drive of over four minutes added a fourth score and the Storm was on its way to victory over the helpless and hapless Schlarman Hilltoppers.

"We wanted to take control of the game early, and we were able to do that,"commented coach Brian Plotner.

Taking control early might be an understatement. The Storm scored on its first play from scrimmage to delight the huge Catlin homecoming crowd. Quarterback Kyle Koerting connected on a 49 yard touchdown pass to Brandon Whaley. Storm 7-0!

After the Hilltoppers went three and out, the Storm struck quickly again. This time, Jared Jones found Josh Horton wide open on the right side. Horton reached the end zone on a 25 yard touchdown play. With only three minutes played, Storm - 14, Toppers - 0!

Futility continued for Schlarman on its next possession. On its first offensive play, Topper quarterback Aaron Golden¹s pass was intercepted by Rob Foley. From the Topper 33 yard line, the Storm needed only two plays to score again.

Beau Atwood ran for 23 yards, and Foley shot 10 yards up the middle as the Storm¹s offensive line continued to open huge holes on the Schlarman defense. Touchdown, Storm! A 20-0 blitz with the scoreboard clock showing 8:04 remaining in quarter one.

The game settled somewhat after that, but the Storm continued to dominate over the win-less Hilltoppers (0-6 on the season).

Proving that they could use ball-control and a sustained drive, the Storm scored a final first quarter TD on an 11-play series that consumed four minutes and 22 seconds.

This time, Salt Fork started on its own 15 and used nine running plays and one complete pass (also, one incomplete pass) to lengthen its advantage to 27-0. Atwood carried the ball three yards for the touchdown.

After the first quarter blitz, Salt Fork coasted to the final of 47-0. The Storm scored one touchdown in each of the final three periods of play. Atwood used one of his lightning dashes for 35 yards and a second quarter touchdown.

Atwood scored again in quarter three on a three yard run. Jonathon Kunkel scored the final touchdown in quarter four on a five yard scamper.

The Storm's outstanding offensive showing resulted in a total of 426 yards (301 rushing, 125 passing). Meanwhile, the Storm's defense was equally impressive. The defense held Schlarman to no scores, only three first downs, minus three yards rushing, and only 52 passing yards! Altogether, a super job for Salt Fork to celebrate the first of two consecutive homecoming games.

Nonetheless, the Storm¹s success thus far (5-1, 4-0 in conference) must be tempered with caution. Coach Plotner sees bus games ahead. ³We really haven¹t accomplished anything yet. We still have big games coming up. All three of our remaining opponents will be a test for us and we can¹t take any of them lightly!² cautioned the coach.

The Storm will play Bismarck in the Jamaica homecoming game. In assessing the Blue Devils, coach says the Storm will need a good game to win. ³Bismarck has a good defense, they have an effective running team that has proven able to control the clock.² Bismarck (2-1 in the conference) will also have the motivation that with a victory they can pull within a half game of first place.

Come out to Jamaica Friday night and support the Storm on another exciting football victory!

Storm Watch
Recognition by the media continues for the Storm. Salt Fork is ranked in the top 10 class 2-A in the state and is #8 in the News-Gazette¹s area top 10.
Going into the Schlarman game, Storm running back Beau Atwood ranked #8 in the area in rushing with 646 yards. Atwood¹s total of 155 against the Toppers might move him further up the list.

The Storm have four players in the top 20 in the area in total tackles. Josh Estock is number nine with 44, Michael Elston is #13 with 42. Ranked 16th with 41 is Caleb Taylor. Josh Horton has 38 tackles and is #19.
One of Coach Plotner¹s motivation rewards is the presentation of a box of Aim toothpaste. On the box each week are the keys to victory. Beau Atwood won the award for the Schlarman game.

One of the traditions enjoyed by the fans on Catlin¹s homecoming night are the class floats presented during the half-time parade. This year¹s theme was games and all four classes had excellent entries. The winning float was the Sophomore class with its float based on the ³Operation² game. The float said, ³We¹ll take the heart out of the Topper¹s game!

Student council president Erica Rund narrated the homecoming parade and did a nice job!

Storm Stats
Rushing: Beau Atwood‹155 yards; Anthony Morrison‹52; Rob Foley‹47; Dustin Snack‹28; Jonathon Kunkel‹12; Jon Knoll‹5; Jared Jones‹2; Kyle Koerting‹2.


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2006 Schedule

8/26 1:00 H
McLeansboro (Hamilton County) 389.00
9/1 7:00 @
St. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden) 484.00
9/8 7:00 @
*Westville 353.00
9/15 7:00 H
*Milford 207.00
9/22 7:00 @
*Bismarck (B.-Henning) 380.00
9/29 7:00 H
*Hoopeston (H. Area) 388.00
10/6 7:00 @
*Georgetown (G.-Ridge Farm) 382.00
10/13 7:00 H
*Danville (Schlarman) 336.60
10/20 7:00 @
*Fithian (Oakwood) [Coop] 321.00

2005 Schedule

8/26 7:00 @
Gibson City (G.C.-Melvin-Sibley) 344.00
9/2 7:00 H
Milford 201.00
9/9 7:00 @
*Westville 357.00
9/16 7:00 H
*Hoopeston (H. Area) 375.00
9/23 7:00 @
*Georgetown (G.-Ridge Farm) 356.00
9/30 7:00 H
*Danville (Schlarman) 208.00
10/7 7:00 H
*Bismarck (B.-Henning) 276.00
10/14 7:00 @
Monrovia, IN.
10/21 7:00 H
*Fithian (Oakwood) [Coop] 474.00

2004 Schedule

8/27 7:00 H
Gibson City (G.C.-Melvin-Sibley) 319
9/3 7:00 @
Milford 206
9/10 7:00 H *
Westville 369
9/17 7:00 @ *
Hoopeston (H. Area) 361
9/24 7:00 H *
Georgetown (G.-Ridge Farm) 372
@ Catlin
10/1 7:00 @ *
Danville (Schlarman) 214
10/8 7:00 @ *
Bismarck (B.-Henning) 261
10/15 7:00 H
Monrovia, IN
10/22 7:00 @ *
Fithian (Oakwood) 282

2003 Schedule

8/29 7:00 @
Gibson City (G.C.-Melvin-Sibley) 311
9/5 7:00 H
Fithian (Oakwood) 273
@ Catlin
9/12 7:00 H
Clifton (Central) 430
9/19 7:00 @
Hoopeston (H. Area) 408
9/26 7:00 H *
Westville 384
@ Jamaica High School
10/3 7:00 @ *
Watseka 350
10/10 7:00 H *
Gilman (Iroquois West) [I.W.-Crescent-I 343
10/17 7:00 @ *
Georgetown (G.-Ridge Farm) 383
10/24 7:00 H *
Gibson City (G.C.-Melvin-Sibley) 311

2002 Schedule

8/30 7:00 H
Hume (Shiloh) 328
@ Sidell (Jamaica)
9/6 7:00 @
Fithian (Oakwood) 275
9/13 7:00 @
Clifton (Central) 427
9/20 7:00 H
Hoopeston (H. Area) 421
@ Catlin
9/27 7:00 @ *
Westville 386
10/4 7:00 H *
Watseka 355
@ Sidell (Jamaica)
10/11 7:00 @ *
Gilman (Iroquois West) 342
10/18 7:00 H *
Georgetown (G.-Ridge Farm) 385
@ Catlin
10/25 7:00 @ *
Gibson City (G.C.-Melvin-Sibley) 302