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Photo Ordering Information

Like one of our photos? Buy it. prides itself on the quality of it's photographs. Most of which rival or beat the quality of many newspaper's coverage of high school sports. We've also come to realize from e-mails & phone calls, that parents, players & coaches would love to have larger printed versions of these pictures.

To make this possible, obviously IHSFW would need to charge for the cost of printing & shipping the images. Since all the images used on are also the copy righted property of the photographer who took them, we also have to add a small charge to compensate them for their time & talent for the right to print any photo.

We try to keep the cost low and all profits made from the sale of any photos, goes directly to the photographer.

At each game our photographers shoot upwards of 200 or more images. Since we also know that sometimes finding a photo of a player in live game action can be hard, we make those extra images available for viewing in online galleries. Follow the link below to search for your team.

Views IHSFW Galleries
Find your team. Under the search bar by selecting the "Galleries by Name or Event" option. Enter the first 3 or 4 letters of your school to find any games we may have shot.


Feel free to contact with any questions

Any school or organization interested in using an image,
please contact Vincent Johnson via e-mail at




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