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Who we are?

IHSFW is a site dedicated to the game of high school football in the state of Illinois. Our original master plan was to start a weekly mailed publication. Lacking the capital for such an endeavor, was started in 1999 and has quickly grown since then. Doubling the number of visitors each season compared to the previous.

Currently we are the only on or off-line news source that covers the entire state as well as all 8 classes and non-IHSA teams.'s goal is to be the best source for high school football information in the state of Illinois. We'd like to not only provide the fans with a resource for information but also schools.

IHSFW is working harder & harder each year to bring the state and beyond the most information we can get on high school football. With the support of the great football fans of Illinois we are hoping to become the number one place to get information on high school football on the web and in print.


Thank you,
Vincent Johnson /Founder & Editor-in-Chief





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