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Advertising With IHSFW, Inc.

Illinois High School Football Weekly, Inc. is an independent media company based in Chicago, IL. We've been active in high school football on the web since 1999 and at the time are the only company to cover news & games from across the state for the entire season.

Interest in high school sports is on the rise every year. With more & more parents & students looking for information outside of the game. is their portal to that info & your companies portal to the customers you want.

Advertising on not only gives your company & it's web site better viability within the community it operates, but also helps increase our coverage of your local team.

IHSFW,Inc. averages about 70,000 page visits a month in the off season. That number increases once the season starts as we jump to over 200,000 page views a month. With the majority of our visitor coming from inside the state of Illinois, we offer excellent advertising potential to advertisers looking for a more targeted market for their on-line advertising campaigns.

Advertising options

Our Policy
What we won't advertise

Our Numbers
Our high ranking pages & total numbers of hits.
Overall Ad Price List
Price lists for every type of advertising we offer. Sponsorship
For the larger national companies, who don't want to buy their own stadium.

School page banner

For small business who want a high density of local customers to view their ad.

Conference Pages & Site Wide advertising
For medium to large compnaies who would like to advertise to a regional or state wide market.

Campaign Advertising
For the best edge in an on-line political campaign. Think Howard Dean.

Banner & Link Swapping
For select sites we allow banner swaps & link exchanges.

Mock Stories & Direct E-mailing
Hype your product in it's very own news story or reach our fans through our subscribed monthly news letter.





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