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Message Boards

Join the message board with great features;

•User Log ins
•Personal Avatars
•IHSFW helemt Avatars for your team
•Private messaging
•Interactive Polls
•Email responses & more

Check out the Best Ever IHSFW message board's Talk Football Message Board

Also, for our freinds in the south, check out

We here at realize that voicing your feelings or information is just as important as getting information.
So in response we've decided to include a list of message boards run by individuals fans or schools.
Below you will find 2 lists of message boards. One, for theme styled boards & the other for school related boards.

E-mail us at and let us include your message board.

Just a reminder in no way is affiliated with or endorses any views posted or expressed by those who run or patronize these boards.

Theme Boards
School Boards

Educated Football Fans

Ill. Football Conferences

Aledo Message Board

Geneseo Football board

Springfield (SHG)




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