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Nash Investigation Halted (10/10/00)

The IHSA has put a stop on the review of East St. Louis (Sr.) running back Damien Nash. Nash's transfer has been querstioned by the IHSA since the begining of the school year.

The IHSA had declared Nash ineligible to play football at East St. Louis during August, after questions of his residence could not be proved. As a result Nash missed the first week of the season, but was allowed to play the following week while the investigation continued.

The debate start when Nash, now a senior, transfered from Riverview Gardens H.S. in St. Louis to East St. Louis (Sr.). Nash's head coach for three years at Riverview, Darren Sunkett, had taken a position as the new head coach at East St. Louis (Sr.). IHSA Executive Director Dave Fry has now halted the review of the transfer.

In an officail statement from the IHSA Fry said "it appears there is no question that Damien Nash is attending East St. Louis (Sr.) High School this year because Darren Sunkett is there as a teacher and football coach. But, the allegation that Coach Sunkett unduly influenced Damien's transfer or violated IHSA recruiting by-laws to secure his attendance there is not substantiated by the evidence we've gathered."

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