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Opinion Archieves

What Year is it? 2006 AD or 12 PC (7/16/06)
It’s 2006 and in case nobody else has noticed, this whole politically correct trend is getting out of hand. Are you with me? (more...)

Your Team Has Been Warned, But Not Your Fans (11/8/2005)
It’s official. Unofficially that is, if your team was in or still is in the playoffs your team has been warned... if you're on the field & the coaches don't want you in the team box, chances are the officials don't want you on the sidelines. (more...)

T-Shirt Winners (10/3/2005)
It's official. We've taken all submissions for getting a free t-shirt and we're sending them out. Check out who one & why. (more...)

Holla Back - Win a T-Shirt(8/23/2005)
I believe it was around April or May when I first started to get that chill up my spine... And it was screaming at me. HOLLA BACK GIRL!(more...)

Three Letters for the Price of One (8/15/05)
The Site's Direction
Where are the Throwbacks?
Other Great Web Sites

The Murder of Chief Illiniwek (8/6/2005)
Why aren't my Greek friends up in arms about about Michigan State & every other school called the Spartans...because these people don't feel that their part in history is going to be marginalized. (more...)

Off-Season Banter; Part II (2/27/03)
The craziest theory ever on private school advantages. And we've got the proof, as two thirds of a town may be in on the scam. Read on as we throw a new hitch into the old "P vs. P" debate. (more...)

Off-Season Banter; Part I (1/14/03)
NFL means "No Fun League" as overtime in the big game could take a cue from the college & high school gridiron. (More)

Would-Be Playoffs 2002 (11/2/02)
Are you a little miffed about your teams placement in the playoff? Or are you worried that you'll waste Thanksgiving weekend watching the state finals only to find out you've been dupped and are watching what should have been a second round game. Read on as's sports writer Vince Johnson rants about the new playoff format & shows you what the playoff bracket should have looked like. (more...)

Team Death Watch 2002 (10/24/02)
Is your team 8-0 or is your team 4-4, after making the semifinals last year? Worried about whether or not they have what it takes to make it back or past to the semis. Read on as IHSFW looks at the reasons why your team might not make it, as opposed to why they'll go all the way. More...

Who are the Best Loosing Teams? (9/2502)
Hitting the mid-way mark of the season, many of the top title contenders are already marked. So wants to know who the top teams are that most likely won't make the playoffs. (more...)

(9/15/01) Sing the Anthem Loud
Tonight and tomorrow all across this great nation we will forge on in the celebration of compition we know as high school football. My Suggestion is for those of you who don't already sing the National Anthem...more

(8/20/01) Top This; Top 10 Things to do in Illinois High School Football
Looking to get more out of your high school football season this year. Here's a list of the top 10 things you can do that don't envolve rushing for 2,000 yards. (more...)

School nicknames are for the (Bull)Dogs
"Welcome to this years IHSA 4A state final, with the Bulldogs of Highland taking on the Bulldogs of Carmi-White County and stick around for the 5A Title game, Oak Lawn Richards Bulldogs vs. the Chicago Senn Bulldogs."

Ok, so it's a little far fetched, you're right. "A Chicago team in the state finals?" you say. Actually in all seriousness, a Bulldog vs. Bulldog match up could happen in just about all 6 class. more....




















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