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Hales Franciscan; Undefeated Off the Field (9/27/2006)
Every year over 550 schools have kids suit up to play football, many of those players feel they have a chance to make the playoffs, maybe even get a shot at the state title, but the players at Hales Franciscan usually aren’t in that group. Yet still week in and week out, their players suit up and this year just like last year, they hope that once again they can go undefeated off the field. (more...)

Iron "Orr" Curtain (9/26/2006)
Chicago (Orr High School) - The Spartans of Orr High School on Chicago’s west side, probably isn’t the first team that comes to mind when your think about great defensive teams in the state this year, but if they continue to play like they have, these Spartans may go down in the history books with some of the greatest teams in state history. (more...)

No Sophomore Jinks (9/8/2006)
Many don't know about the Soaring Eagles from Lakes high school in Lake Villa, now in it's second year of a split off from Antioch high school the Eagles are starting up in just their second year of varsity sports and have already double their football win total from last year. (more...)


A Look Back at '05 (12/9/2005)
It was another fantastic year for high school football in Illinois. And while the season may have ended after Thanksgiving weekend there are still many important events that will happened between now & the end of the high school year for the class of 2006. (more...)

Does Your School Have a Sky Box?(9/8/2005)
If you travel across the state to enough different high school football games, you may notice that some schools have different amenities at their field, but† no matter how many fields you’ve been to, chances are you’ve never watched a game from a Sky Box. Or maybe you have. See what's going on at 1A Deer Creek-Mackinaw. (more...)

Taking One for the Team (10/2003)
The Clemente Wildcats Improve Under Coach Barbara Martin, But the Seniors who Led the Charge Won’t be There if the Team Finally Earns Eligibility for the State Playoffs (more...)

NFL, Bucs vs. Eagles & IL H.S. Football (10/17/2002)
Tampa Bay plays Philadelphia this Sunday and three of the top Gridiron Graduates from Illinois will all be on the field, for a rematch of sorts. More...

Mid Season recap, a look back (10/2001)
The Illinois high school football regular season is two thirds of the way through, as of week six and after week seven it will have reached the half way point for the entire playing season. Some things have remained the same , but many things have changed as well.

Football camps could change your life too (8/24/2001)
Imagine a summer football camp changing your life for the better. In the summer of 1990 that was the last thing Greg Siegman was expecting to get out of camp when he attended the Knox Passing College in Galesburg. It was there that Greg met Omari Mott. This meeting would become the catalyst for which Greg changed his life and the lives of many others. more...



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