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Our Advertising Policy, the web site of IHSFW, Inc. an independent media company on the internet is interested in making available space on our site for sale to persons or companies looking to reach the visitors of

While we rely on advertising to help us meet or increase our budget, we do have several guidelines to insure the quality of our site and the comfortableness of our visitors remains in tact.

We will not sell ads for or to:

1. "Adult Only Content" sites, or sites that are linked or have linking to "AOC" sites on their pages. As well as sites that are advertising adult sexual products. Strip clubs, escorts services, adult video store & the like are included in this list.

2. Gambling sites. This includes offshore betting, sports books & other gambling out lets. With an exception to horse track (OTB not included) Ads for other products not related to gambling but feature possible links or ads for gambling are acceptable.

3, Any tobacco or alcohol products, products related to tobacco or alcohol are also included.

4. Any drug or substance that has not been approved by the FDA without part of the banner ex laming that "IHSFW, Inc. is does not endorse this product". This includes all supplements & vitamins.

5. Any group that may be seen/considered a discernmentory or hate group, or is associated with a group that may be seen /considered a discriminatory or hate group.

On top of the things listed below, we reserve the right to decline advertising to any company or person that we fell has a product or site that could be offensive to the visitors to our site.

Please direct all question to Vincent Johnson



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