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Brand your business with customers in your area.
Place you ad on your local high school's page
for as little as $1.50 a week!

That's right for as little as a $1.50 a week you can put your company's name in front of the very people who live in your business area.

Google, MSN, Yahoo and other internet advertising options are being heralded as the the way to go for internet advertising, but often leave advertisers wondering whether the impressions they are getting are local, or worrying about spending to much with high priced keywords for click through's. That's why we wanted to make things easy for local businesses looking to advertise on the internet and why we offer flat rates on local school pages for a set time frame. gives you not just one page for $1.50 but every one of the school related pages that you've advertised on for the entire year. That means if we cover all nine games in a season that's nine different pages you're ad will appear on. For as long as you have the ad. This also includes any feature stories, roster pages and past season stories done for that schools page. Basically when local fans check out the local team, they'll see your ad every time no matter when the story was written.

Reach your target market & know how long your ad will run. No fees for changing your banner, or extra charges per click or impression.

Contact at right now for more details.


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