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Jim Finks

Position: HB/QB
Height: 5'11
Weight: 175
H.S. Graduation: 194?
College: Tulsa
Bio: Jim Finks could be the answer to a few triva questions. Finks played on a Pittsburgh Steelers team that was one of the last pro teams to dump the single wing in favor of the "T" Formation and Pro Set. In 1955 Pittsburgh drafted a little know QB in the 9th round named Johnny Unitas. Unitas was dropped before he ever threw a ball in the regular season and Finks went on to lead the AFL in passing that year, before retirering at the end of the season. Finks is also a member of the NFL Hall of Fame (1995) as an administrator. For his excelent work in the front office. He worked for the Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints. The Bears 1985 Super Bowl team featured 19 starterd that were picked by Finks while he was the GM there from 1974-82. Finks fell one vote short of being named Commisioner of the NFL , when he was edged out by Paul Tagliabue in 1989. He passed away in 1994
Pro Career: Finks played 7 seasons in the NFL, all with the Steelers, where he was a 12th round draft pick in 1949. Threw for a league leading 20 TDs in 1952, when he made the Pro Bowl. Also lead the league in yards (2,270), attemps (344) & completions (165) in 1955.

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