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Barry Pearson

Position: RB
H.S. Graduation: 1960's
Bio: Was an All Big 10 selection in college. Interesting Fact: Pearson was the primary receiver on the "66 option" pass the Steelers used for what would become known as the "Immaculate Reception". Pearson was actually a wide open, but the ball never came close to him. He hadn't played a single regular-season game during the 1972 season. Steelers head coach Chuck Noll sent the play in with then rookie running back Pearson, who he hoped could slip free and pick up a first down.
Pro Career: Played 5 years in the NFL. Pittsburgh 1972-73, Kansas City 1974-76. Had a total of 86 receptions.

Player updated; Wed 25-May-2005 7:45 AM

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