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2001 1A Playoff Central

Welcome football fans to the inaugural year of the 8 class football playoffs and to IHSFW's 1A Playoff Central. Throughout the playoffs this page will be updated with the most recent information and playoff out looks. Follow scores and rankings at Playoff Central & The Big 30.

Favorites to win the title; Lexington, Hardin (Calhoun)
Other Title Threats;Greenfield, Oakland,Monmouth (Yorkwood)
Sleeper teams: Concord (Triopia),Freeport (Aquin)

Favorites to win the title;

Lexington (9-0) - The Minutemen went 11-1 last year falling to Sciota (West Prairie) in the quarterfinals. They enter the playoffs Mid-State (Large)champs with 5 victories over playoff teams.

Oakland (9-0) - High scoring offense and a not to shabby defense make the Oaks a serious contender.

Other Title Threats;

Greenfield(8-1) - Only loss was to Hardin (Calhoun) by 2 points. Had 4 shut outs and had only 2 games where opponents scored more than 6 points. Could have one of the best defenses in 1A.

Hardin (Calhoun) (9-0) -Western Illinois Valley (South)champs rambled through most of the season with the exception of theGreenfieldwhich was a 2 point squeaker.

Monmouth (Yorkwood)(8-1) - Solid defense, with a dangerous offense. Only loss is to 2A front runnerCuba {North Fulton coop}by 2 points.

Sleeper teams:

Concord (Triopia) (8-1) - The Trojans defense can keep them in a lot of games.

Freeport (Aquin)(7-2) - A tough loss to 3A front runnerPearl City [Eastland-P.C. Coop]shows even at 7-2 the Bulldogs could be making a title shot.











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