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2005 1A Finals Preview


Friday Nov 25th

Freeport (Aquin)(12-1) vs.Cambridge(13-0) 10 am
1A Playoff Bracket


Freeport (Aquin);

The Bulldogs are making their first trip back to the state finals after winning a 1A title in 1986. At least a year before any of their players were even born.

None the less, the Dogs have unleashed a passing game that has racked up over 2,800 yards. Senior QB Adam Jelinek has been connecting with his receivers Drew Harweger, Zach Mordini & Matt Hauser 62% of the time he puts the ball in the air. And with a 7.6 TD to INT ratio, don't expect things to let up even if the whether is bad.

Aquin, QB Adam Jelinek has completed 62% of his passes, while maintain almost an 8 to 1 TD to INT ratio

The Bulldogs will hand off the ball to Matt Marini to help keep the defense honest, and with an 8.7 yard average, you never know what Aquin might do on 3rd & long.

Marini, is also the sack master on defense, with 11, out of his 116 tackles coming from opposing QBs. When Harweger isn't leading the team with reception (85 of the teams 194), he's leading the defense with tackles (117). While it's no doubt that Cambridge's' Morey & Happach will get beyond the line of scrimmage a few time in the finals game, how far they get might have to do with Harweger, who is like a blood hound when it comes to sniffing out the ball and always seems to be around or in on the tackle.


The Cambridge is the warpath. Just look at the mohawk wearing players on their sidelines and you'll know these Vikings mean business.

Lead on offense by Casey Happach, 151 carries, 1,347 yards & 14 TDs & Kyle Morey, 116 carries 1,360 yards & 16 TDs rushing. Add in Eric Leander who has 108 carries 837 yards & 20 TDs and you wonder where quarterback Shane Lindburg had time to get 400+ yards passing.

Kyle Morey, is part of the reason the Vikings have put up 4,394 yards rushing this season.

Cambridge started off slow scoring just 41 points in it's first 2 games, but would go on to score 41 or more in all of it's 11 remaining games, but 2. While regular season opponents may have been a little easier to score big on, the Vikings took it to the team with the states number 1 defense,Mackinaw (Deer Creek-M.), in the quarter-finals, scoring 41 points, while allowing just 6 in that game.

Adam Lord (5'11 195 sr.) has been doing it on both sides of the field for the Vikings this year. His team leading 152 tackles make him a big threat at linebacker, while on offense he's caught just 7 passes, but 5 have resulted in TDs,

Lord, Happach and Morey, will have a lot more than usual to stop on the defensive side though, as Aquin can be as lethal on the ground as in the air.

by Vincent Johnson






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