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Hit List 2001

The "Hit List" is a quick look at numbers and stats from around the state.



Most playoff appearances by a team, held byGeneseo.


Longest consecutive playoff streak currently.
Held by 4A State Runner-up Mt. Carmel


Number of teams that have made consecutive playoffs appearances for at least the past 13 years and are more than likely sure bets for the 2002 playoffs. (Teams include;Chicago (Mt. Carmel), DuQuoin, Lincolnshire (Stevenson), McHenry ,Monmouth (M.-Roseville) , Mt. Carmel, Oak Lawn (Richards) , Orland Park (Sandburg), Wheaton (W. Warrenville South))


Total number of playoff appearances by the above 9 teams in the 28 years of playoffs or 17.4 appearances per a team.

13 / 7

Number of State Championships / Runner-ups shared between the 9 schools during the past 13 years.


Won loss record over the 13 years for all 9 schools (.662 winning percentage).

Week #9


Highest number of IHSA playoff points for an undefeated team in any class, held by Naperville Central .


The lowest number of IHSA playoff points for any class, which belongs to Benton.


Total number of points allowed by Park Ridge (Maine South) as of the end of week #8.


Number of shutouts this season by Park Ridge (Maine South)&Sciota (West Prairie)

Week #6


Total points scored by Sciota (West Prairie). Which is the most points scored by any team in the state at the end of week #5


Number of points Sciota (West Prairie) has allowed so far this season. This is the fewest amount of points allowed by any team at the end of week #5 .

Week #2


The combined total in which Gilman (Iroquois West) has out scored it opponents so far this season.


Points scored byChicago (Fenger)so far this season. Which just happens to be the most points scored by any team in the state.


The longest current winning streak in Illinois. Held byChicago (Mt. Carmel)who just endedJoliet (Catholic)'s 29 game winning streak and who ironically suffered their last loss toJoliet (Catholic)in week #2 of 2000



Number of consecutive victories by the 2 time defending 4A state championsJoliet (Catholic)Hilltoppers.
Which is currently the longest in the state. Look for that number to increase a lot if they win
their week 2 game vs.Chicago (Mt. Carmel).


Record for consecutive victories in the state of Illinois. Held by Pittsfield, for their seasons spanning 1966 thru 1973.


Number of consecutive victories by a team since the IHSA started playoffs. Held byNew Lenox (Providence)for their seasons spanning 1994 thru 1997.


Week in which other media outlets might start to mention the streak. IfJoliet (Catholic)is still undefeated.
So, maybe we jumped the gun a bit?



Inning in which the Park Ridge (Maine South) (6A State Champs) were heard singing "Take me out to the ballgame" at a recent (May 2001) home game at Wrigley for the Chicago Cubs.
Word on other state champion teams singing appearances, waiting to be heard.







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