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2001 2A Playoff Central

Welcome football fans to the inaugural year of the 8 class football playoffs and to IHSFW's 2A Playoff Central. Throughout the playoffs this page will be updated with the most recent information and playoff out looks. Follow scores and rankings at Playoff Central & The Big 30.

In what could be one of the best classes to watch from start to finish, 2A has more undefeated teams than any other class with seven and both the 1A champs & runner-ups. It could only have been better if 2000 2A champsStillman Valley& runner-up Tolono (Unity) were not bumped into 3A.

Favorites to win the title; Melrose Park (Walther Lutheran), Sciota (West Prairie), Moweaqua (Central A &M)
Other Title Threats; Poplar Grove (North Boone),Bridgeport (Red Hill),Auburn,Cuba {North Fulton coop},Carthage

Sleeper teams; Toulon (Stark County), Rushville


Melrose Park (Walther Lutheran) (9-0) - The Broncos are one of the best teams in the state. With a D-I prospect in QB Clarence Flowers, and a potent running game with Barry Sanders like Tony Stanton & power fullback Ed Roberts. Oh yeah did we mention there O & D-line average about 6'2" 280 lbs, topped off by big man Andy Zemiatis at 6'6" 354. The Broncos are a contender in almost any class this year.

Sciota (West Prairie) (9-0) - Take the most potent offense in the state and combine it with the meanest defense this south of I-80 and you've got a championship in the making.

Moweaqua (Central A &M) (9-0) - 2A Semi finalist last season have consistent defense and offense.

Carthage(6-3) - The 1A three time champs are back, but in 2A now. At 6-3 one may wonder why they are considered a front runner. How about the only time they've scored less than 44 points was in a squeaker against front runner & West Central Conference champs Sciota (West Prairie). Unless you count the 2 games they lost in week 7 & 8 due to a teachers strike. Good news for Carthage the strike is over, bad news for the rest of 2A and Sciota, who beat Carthage last year in the regular season only to get shut down in the 1A title game.

Title Threats;

Poplar Grove (North Boone) (9-0) - The 6th seeded has seen a lot of it's own conference. AS a matter of fact it's played 8 games between 4 teams. Most teams falter in the second match up of the season, the Vikings have already show they can win two. Luckily they don't have to meet anyone a third time since all their conference qualifiers are in 1A..

Bridgeport (Red Hill)(9-0) - Red Hill has muscled out an undefeated season using a strong defense. With three wins against playoff teams these kids are no chumps, but may end up over matched midway through the playoffs.

Auburn(9-0) - 5 shut outs and no one has scored more than a touchdown in the 4 other wins. The Prairie State champs could end up in a title game since power houses Melrose Park (Walther Lutheran) & Sciota (West Prairie) fall in the bottom bracket.

Cuba {North Fulton coop}(9-0) - Toshio VanMiddlesworth, with a head coach with a name like that you've got to pick the Wildcats as contenders. Seriously though, the Cats played a number of quality teams and will be looking to top their 10-1 record from last season.


Rushville (7-2) - The West Central Conference is looming large in the 2A bracket. Rushville took a beating from Cartahge in week #3, and took a less painful hit from Sciota N-W last week. Don't be surprised if the Rockets ruffle a few feathers in 2A, including a possible match up with 9-0 Cuba.

Toulon (Stark County)(8-1) - How many teams can boast a schedule with 3 teams that are 8-1? Stark County can and it beat all but Kewanee (Wethersfield) (8-1)











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