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2004 7A Finals Preview


Saturday Nov 27th

7A Cary (C.-Grove)(13-0) vs. Libertyville (13-0) 7pm

7A Playoff Bracket


Cary (C.-Grove)
When the season ended, the 7A playoffs managed to have 6 undefeated teams. Some of those teams where considered weak undefeated teams and while holding down a 1 or 2 seed in their bracket, they weren't predicted to go very far. Cary-Grove was one of those teams.

Like the little engine that could though , the Trojans ran the field on the Fox Valley going undefeated & claiming the conference title during the regualr season. Finishing with their first winning season since 1999.

While sticking it to the usual suspects like McHenry &Woodstock (H.S.). Close calls in the first & second round of the playoffs had many thinking the end was near, but a 34-0 victory overCrystal Lake (South)in the quarterfinals, along with a 21-14 stand against then # 3Chicago (Morgan Park) had teams wishing they would have scouted them a little harder than Cary-Grove's opponents.

How have the boys from Cary been winning this year? Well look no further than it's running game. With over 1200 yards racked up by the quintessential fullback in Will Yocius (6'0 215 sr.) and 1100 yards by QB Brian Mitz. The Trojans have been slamming ahead with a powerful rushing game.

With over 1200 yards racked up by the quintessential fullback, in Will Yocius

While the Trojans haven't put up numbers on defense the likes of Morris or Carthage, they have managed to contain the run. holding opponents to about 90 yards a game.

Cary will get it's biggest test of the year as they face returning 7A Runner-up Libertyville with it's triple headed monster of a backfield. While Kevin Fontana's 1094 yards don't stick out as a finals weekend best. His 8 yard average, along with the 10 yard averages of Kyle Nadar & Tom Sitz would put a little stress on any defensive coach before game time.

While the threat of the three Wildcat backs dragging smaller defenders for a ride to the first down marker isn't realistic. Them finding a hole and blowing by the entire defense is actually more like reality. With long runs of 94, 92 & 85 on the season, if you're looking at the backside of jersey #32, 30 or 6, you'd better hope it's because you tackled them.

The Wildcats have been on a roll since losing last years 7A Final in double overtime. Beating teams by an average of 3 touchdowns a game while racking up almost 3500 yards rushing.

if you're looking at the backside of jerseys #32, 30 or 6, you'd better hope it's because you tackled them.

Behind the Cats success is a senior lead offensive squad headed by QB Brett Lancaster & highlighted by backs Jeff Fontana, Kyle Nadar & Tom Sitz, who have all rushed for close to or over 1000 yards each this season.

Take that triple threat that's averaging 10 yards a carry from two of the runners, along with Lancaster passing for 1233 yards & 13 TDs and you might not even have to talk about defense except for the fact that it's the finals.

On defense, Fontana does a rare iron man routine by playing free safety as well. Something coaches don't like to do in the larger classes. That alone should clue you in a what an amazing player Fontana is. Add to it he leads the team in tackles and you can see why Libertyville is in the finals.







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