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2001 3A Playoff Central

Welcome football fans to the inagural year of the 8 class football playoffs and to IHSFW's 3A Playoff Central. Throughout the playoffs this page will be updated with the most recent information and playoff out looks. Follow scores and rankings at Playoff Central & The Big 30.

Favorites to win the title;LeRoy, Spring Valley (Hall) , St. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
Other Title Threats;Pearl City [Eastland-P.C. Coop], Fulton (H.S.), Johnston City, Sherrard , Stillman Valley
Sleeper teams:Bloomington (Central Catholic), Seneca, Tolono (Unity), Port Byron (Riverdale)

Favorites to win the title;

LeRoy (9-0) - What many people had picked as a playoff hopeful at the begining of the season has turned into a leader of the pack after hard faught victories over St. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden) & Tolono (Unity).

Spring Valley (Hall) (8-1) - With two-way speedster Ryan Ferrari and Levi Derber taking of towards the goal line every time they touch the ball, opposing teams will be lucky if they have any grass left in their endzones. Speaking of the grass grabbing crew... How are you boys going to tear up astro turf in Champaign? Watch for Hall to be a favorite next year with lots of returning talent in starting junior QB Brant Baltikauski.

St. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden) (8-1) - Quarterback Brandon Williams can be leathal when he conects with his wide recivers or hits a back on a screen. Robby Brown looks like a back up on the orster sheet at 5'6" 155, but will definatly look like a starter on the stat sheet. SJO, doesn't have the biggest line on either side of the ball, but effectiveness is what really counts.

Other Title Threats;

Pearl City [Eastland-P.C. Coop](9-0) - Even with an undefeated record the Wildcats may not be a lock for a title shot. With 2 close games to 2A contenders the Cats could be a little suspect for an ealry basketball season. Ofcourse given the fact they've averaged over 30 points a game and have never scored less than 28. They can not be over looked.

Fulton (H.S.)(9-0) - 2000 2A Semifinalist are back with another undefeated season. A Solid schedule puts Fulton at the head of the pack for title threats.

Johnston City (9-0) - Scored 38 or more in all it's games except versesCarterville(7-2). Five shut outs could make them contenders. A week schedule could make them two and out.


Stillman Valley(7-2) - Rule of thumb; never count out the champs unitil their out.

Sleeper teams:

Bloomington (Central Catholic)


Tolono (Unity)

Port Byron (Riverdale)











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