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Stadium Directions for CPL & CMC games when noted.

Eckersall Stadium
Gately Stadium
Hanson Stadium
Lane Stadium
Rochne Stadium
Stagg Stadium
Winnemac Park
Soldier Field














2003 Prep-Bowl Playoffs

Prep Bowl
1pm Friday Nov. 28th

Soldier Field

Catholic Metro League Champs Wilmette (Loyola Academy)(9-4) 22 over Chicgao Public League Champs Chicago (Simeon) (7-6) 14

2003 Prep Bowl -Wilmette (Loyola Academy)(10-4)
2003 Runner-up - Chicago (Simeon) (7-7)

Quick facts about the Prep-Bowl Playoffs:
The Prep-Bowl is the longest running playoff format for high school football in the state of Illinois. It was started in 1927 and is played at Soldier Field in Chicago.
The Prep-Bowl is the match up of the best team from the Chicago Public League and the best team from the Chicago Catholic League (or as it is now known as the Catholic Metro Conference).

Due to the nature of the Prep-Bowl playoffs, CMC teams may not end up entering the playoffs until round 3 or 4 if they are participating in the IHSA playoffs or as in the case of some CPL teams,
may play in the first round, miss round 2 & 3, but return in the 4th round.
With an 8 class playoff system for the IHSA, more teams than previous years will be participating in the IHSA playoffs. Almost all teams with a 5-4 record should qualify for the IHSA.
Because of IHSA restrictions on enrollment areas, certain teams from the Chicago Public Leagues will not be eligible for IHSA play even with a 5-4 or better record .
The IHSFW Prep-Bowl Playoff watch will post information on which teams are & are not available for IHSA play.
The Catholic Metro half of the Prep-Bowl Playoffs starts week #10 or round #2 of the CPL Playoffs.


Catholic Metro Playoffs Click here

Chicago Public League Prep-Bowl Playoff watch
1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round 4th Round 5th Round Public League Finals 2003 Public League Champs
Chicago (Curie) 14 Chicago (Harper) (9-0) See IHSA Playoffs Chicago (Harper) (9-1) 48 Chicago (Harper) (10-2) 18 Chicago (Simeon) (7-5) Chicago (Simeon) (7-5) 24 Chicago (Simeon) (8-5)
Chicago (Harper) 56
Chicago (Prosser) 14 Chicago (Corliss) See IHSA Playoffs Chicago (Corliss) 0
Chicago (Corliss) 32
Chicago (Simeon) 28 Chicago (Simeon) See IHSA Playoffs Chicago (Simeon) (5-5) 24 Chicago (Simeon) (6-5) 36
Chicago (Robeson) 6
Chicago (Crane) 0 Chicago (Westinghouse) (6-2) See IHSA Playoffs Chicago (Westinghouse) (6-4) 6
Chicago (Westinghouse) 50
Chicago (Bogan) 0 Chicago (Hubbard) (8-1) See IHSA Playoffs Chicago (Hubbard)(8-2) Chicago (Hubbard) (9-2) Chicago (Hubbard) (9-2) 40 Chicago (Hubbard) (10-3) 7
Chicago (Hubbard) (7-1) 36
Chicago (Dunbar) 22 Chicago (Lane Tech) (7-2) See IHSA Playoffs Chicago (Lane Tech) (7-3)
Chicago (Lane Tech) 31
Chicago (Collins) 6 Chicago (Steinmetz)(9-0) See IHSA Playoffs Chicago (Steinmetz)(9-2) 20 Chicago (Hyde Park) (10-3) 0
Chicago (Steinmetz)47
Chicago (Hope)(7-1) 20 Chicago (Hope)(8-2) 6 Chicago (Hyde Park) (8-2) 14 Chicago (Hyde Park) (9-2) 24
Chicago (Senn) 8
Chicago (Englewood) 12 Chicago (Hyde Park) (7-2) 12
Chicago (Hyde Park) (6-2)23
Chicago (Schurz) 0 Chicago (Taft) (8-1) 20 Chicago (Taft) (9-2) 12
Chicago (Taft) (7-1) 21
Chicago (Lincoln Park) 6 Chicago (Carver) (7-3) 18
Chicago (Carver) (6-2) 48
Chicago (Julian) 8 Chicago (Morgan Park) (9-0) see IHSA 7A Playoff Bracket
Chicago (Morgan Park) (8-0) 51
CPL Teams in the IHSA State Playoffs
CPL teams in the IHSA playoffs Round 1 IHSA Round 2 IHSA Quarter Finals IHSA Semifinals IHSA State Finals
Chicago (Hubbard) (8-1) See 7A Bracket Lost to Darien (Hinsdale South) (6-3)  


Chicago (Morgan Park) (9-0) See 7A Bracket 42-28 over Batavia (6-3) 18-16 over Darien (Hinsdale South) (7-4) vs. Downers Grove (North) . .
Chicago (Steinmetz)(9-0) See 8A bracket Lost to Evanston (Twp.) (6-3) . . .
Chicago (Harper) (9-0) See 6A bracket Lost to Lisle (Benet Academy) (5-4) . . .
Chicago (Corliss) (5-4) See 5A bracket Lost toJoliet (Catholic) . . .
Chicago (Westinghouse) (6-2) See 6A bracket Lost toBurbank (Reavis) . . .
Chicago (Lane Tech) (7-2) See 8A bracket Lost to Lincolnshire (Stevenson) (6-3) . . .
Chicago (Simeon) (5-4) See 6A bracket Lost toChicago (St. Rita)(8-1)      

Catholic Metro Playoffs for the Prep-Bowl

1st Round
Chicago (Mt. Carmel) 42-0 over Oak Park (Fenwick)

2nd Round
Wilmette (Loyola Academy) (7-4) 2-7 overChicago (Mt. Carmel)

3rd Round
Wilmette (Loyola Academy) (8-4) 55-22 over River Grove (Holy Cross)

2003 Catholic Metro Champs
Wilmette (Loyola Academy) (9-4)



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