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2007 Schedule

8/24 7:00 @
Frankfort (Lincoln-Way East)
9/1 1:30 @
Oak Park (Fenwick)
@ Morton HS Stadium
9/7 7:00 @
*Chicago (Mt. Carmel)
@ Gately Stadium Stadium
9/14 7:30 H
*Wilmette (Loyola Academy)
9/21 7:30 @
*Chicago (St. Rita)
9/28 7:30 H
*Chicago (Brother Rice)
10/5 7:30 @
Chicago (Gordon Tech)
@ North Park College
10/12 7:30 H
Kankakee (McNamara)
10/19 7:30 H
River Grove (Guerin)

#### - Enrollment
*Conference Game
Bishop Kaffer Stadium

Team 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final

Week #7 vs.Chicago (Mt. Carmel)(6-1)


Celtics players jump up to block a game tying field goal with no time remaining.

Celtics Get Gorilla Off Their Backs

Chicago (Gately Stadium) - Providence Catholic has had no luck when it comes to playing against Mt. Carmel and what could have snowballed into the kind of curse or myth that often takes shape in sports at all levels, was nipped in the bud Saturday night on the south side of Chicago. As the Celtics won 10-7.

The Celtics rolled into town looking not only looking to win a crucial game in theChicago Catholic (Blue)Conference, but to end the myth and prove to the masses that they can beat Mt. Carmel. The Celtics did just that, in what coach Matt Senffner described as getting a "thousand pound gorilla" off his back.

Providence & Mt. Carmel would exchange blows on defense for most of the first half, neither giving up much ground. Rory Steinbach and company got things done for the Celtics as Niall Campbell & the Caravan crew did their share. The Celtics held the advantage for yards, but neither team had any luck adding a score.

Providence broke the stale mate first with 3:41 remaining in the half with a 26 yard field goal.

The Celtics would get a golden opportunity later as the defense forced Mt. Carmel to punt and a Mike Budde pass would connect with Bobby Peplowski for a 42 yard gain to put the Celtics at the 8 yard line with just 22 seconds left before half-time. Mike Howlett would take the ball right and shake a Caravan defender before being tripped up, only to fall into the endzone to put Providence up 10-0.

Frank Lenti told his team as they marched into the locker room that he "Couldn't play the game for them". The defense took heed to their coache's words and allowed Providence only a few first downs for the remainder of the game.

Lenti's words didn't fall on deaf ears for the offense though. John Mulchrone, looked to wide receivers Enrique Cook & Chris Goffer to help drive the Caravan down field. Greg Owens & Tom Brown pitched in on the ground as Mt. Carmel marched down field and Brown would break the plain of the endzone on a 1 yard run with 2:29 in the 3rd.

Mt. Carmel made some big plays defensively in the 4th. A Brian Young sack & Niall Campbell interception looked to give the Caravan a shot at another score.

Everything went down to the last plays in this game, as Providence stopped MC. Only to be stopped by MC and punt the ball away to give the Caravan one last chance to win or bring the game into the third overtime contest in MC vs. PC history.

The Caravan would make it to the 2 yard line with 17 seconds left in what looked to be another dramatic comeback and another victory for the Celtics against MC that would slip away. As all hearts in the east and west side stand stopped beating John Mulchrone's & Kyle Callaghan's only beat faster, as Callaghan chased down a scrambling Mulchrone for a sack and an 11 yard loss.

Mulchrone would spike the ball to leave one second on the clock and the field goal unit would come on to force the tie. But Kelly Karlen's kick would hook left and go wide, as Celtic coaches did summersaults onto the field and players and fans jumped on top of each other.

by; Vincent Johnson



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2004 6A, 2002 5A, 2001 6A, 1997 4A, 1996 4A, 1995 4A, 1994 5A, 1991 4A, 1987 4A

Runner up
2000 5A, 1998 5A,

2006 7A, 2004 6A, 2002 5A, 2001 6A, 2000 5A 1998 5A, 1997 4A, 1996 4A, 1995 4A, 1994 5A, 1991 4A, 1987 4A

Conference Champs
Catholic Metro (Red)
Chicago Catholic (Blue)

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Chicago Catholic (Blue)


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Mark Coglianese

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2006 Schedule

8/25 7:30 H
Frankfort (Lincoln-Way East) 3678.00
9/1 7:30 H
Chicago (Leo) 864.60
9/8 7:30 H
*Chicago (Mt. Carmel) 2442.00
9/16 1:30 @
*Wilmette (Loyola Academy) 2554.20
9/22 7:30 H
*Chicago (St. Rita) 2567.40
9/29 7:30 @
Kankakee (McNamara) 775.50
10/6 7:30 H
*Oak Park (Fenwick) 1907.40
10/13 7:30 @
*Chicago (Brother Rice) 3923.70
10/20 7:30 @
*Chicago (DeLaSalle) 1867.80

2005 Schedule

8/26 7:00 @
Frankfort (Lincoln-Way East) 3442.00
9/3 7:30 @
Chicago (Leo) 999.90
@ St. Laurence
9/10 7:00 @
*Chicago (Mt. Carmel) 2458.50
@ Gately Stadium
9/16 7:30 H
*Wilmette (Loyola Academy) 3403.95
9/23 7:30 @
*Chicago (St. Rita) 2699.40
9/30 7:30 H
Kankakee (McNamara) 760.65
10/9 1:30 @
*Oak Park (Fenwick) 1900.80
10/14 7:30 H
*Chicago (Brother Rice) 3798.30
10/21 7:30 H
*Chicago (DeLaSalle) 1897.50

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