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2002 5A Playoff Central

Throughout the playoffs this page will be updated with the most recent information and playoff out looks. Follow scores and rankings at Playoff Central & The Big 30.

Brackets & Scores
1A / 2A / 3A / 4A / 5A / 6A / 7A / 8A

Last Years Champ; Joliet (Catholic)(13-1) Runner-up; Morris (13-1)

2002 Title Game Date & Time; Nov. 30th 1pm

Favorites to win the title;New Lenox (Providence),Joliet (Catholic)& Morris
Other Title Threats; Pontiac, Metamora ,Belleville (Althoff) & Springfield (S.H.G.)
Sleeper teams: Geneseo& Rochelle

Favorites to win the title;
New Lenox (Providence)(9-0) - At 9-0 & with a victory overJoliet (Catholic)(7-2), the 2001 6A Champions Celtics' fans are already clearing space for the trophy for 5A. But coach Matt Senffner has been in the game for to long to let his kids even think they have 5A won yet. Providence could most likely face the Hilltoppers again & Morris afterwards. With a defense holding teams to 3.3 points a game, everyone will be chasing the Celtics to the title.

Joliet (Catholic)(7-2) - Not many teams at 7-2 are considered to be a favorite to win the title, but then not may teams are as intimidating as JC. After winning 3 titles in a row & ten over all, the Hilltoppers are facing their first uphill battle to regain their crown. But don't let those two losses fool you. They've come at the hands of two nationally ranked teams. Rockhurst, out of Kansas City, MO. &New Lenox (Providence)who they went back and forth with in a defensive battle before falling 10-2. With the mid-season placement of DB Ross Crampton to RB, the Hill's running game has been revitalized. Morris might want a rematch with the Hilltoppers, but Providence would be just as happy playing Riverside (R.-Brookfield) than a revenge happy Catholic High.

Morris (9-0) - With a conference switch fromSuburban Prairie (North)toSuburban Prairie (East)the Redskins have had a little less competitive schedule, but a week 1 victory over a highly respected Pontiac team, has put an exclamation point on the Tribes rankings. Take that along with their offense which is averaging 46.1 points a game & Morris might be the team that makes it to the finals out of the north bracket in 5A.

Other Title Threats;
Pontiac (8-1) - Their lone loss to Morris was amidst much confusion as they lost their starting QB & head coach in the week prior, because of an IHSA recruiting violation. The Indians have righted their ship and with a big OT win over Metamora in week 9, Pontiac could make it to the finals with another victory over Metamora & then beating Springfield (S.H.G.) .

Metamora (8-1) - The Redbirds were looking tough as the season started out, a big triple OT win overGeneseo, but as Geneseo faltered the victory looked less impressive. The Birds finished the season with a strong schedule against 4 playoff teams. Winning 3. Pontiac, Springfield (S.H.G.) ,Belleville (Althoff) & Taylorville are all teams Metamora might face before it returns to the finals. Look for Pontiac & SHG to be the biggest obstacles.

Belleville (Althoff) (9-0) - Another 9-0 team wasn't on anyone's poll or ranking. Althoff's margin of victory is second only toNew Lenox (Providence)& Morris , which aren't in their bracket, giving the Crusaders a good shot at going to Champaign. Quick, book your rooms now.

Springfield (S.H.G.) (9-0) - With the four horsemen on defense, Sam Workman, Chris Williams, Zach Kirchner & Zach Kettelkamp, those four seniors will be playing every down like it's their last. And if the Cyclones can't get pastBelleville (Althoff) , Taylorville, Pontiac or Metamora then it will be their last. The Cyclones have handed all their opponents sound losses, except a 14-7 victory of Springfield (Southeast) which was tight till the clock stopped. Southeast will be in 6A so SHG can now worry about the tasks at hand.

Sleeper teams:
Geneseo(6-3) - At 6-3 the leafs are still a dangerous team. If they make it to round 2 they could get a chance to avenge a week 9 loss to Rochelle.

Rochelle (9-0) - Hub fans will be hopping mad when they see that their beloved team is only considered a dark horse with a 9-0 record. Granted they did make it to the semifinals last year, but NCIC (Southwest) is filled with 3 & 4A teams. If the Hubs were in 4A they'd be a top contender. Especially after beating 3A Champs Spring Valley (Hall) , 4A title contender Princeton & power houseGeneseo, but after loosing quite a few players to graduation, the Hubs will have to shock the world by beating Morris before anyone thinks their a title threat.

By Vincent Johnson






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