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Past 2A Champions

2005 Dakota (14-0)
2004Sterling (Newman Central Catholic)(13-1)
2003Gilman (Iroquois West)(13-1)
2002 Aledo(14-0)
2001 Aledo(13-1)
2000Stillman Valley(14-0)
1999Stillman Valley(12-2)
1998 Aledo(12-2)
1997Moweaqua (Central A &M)(14-0)
1996 LeRoy (14-0)
1995 Hampshire (14-0)
1994Taylor Ridge (Rockridge) (12-2)
1993Coal City(14-0)
1992Richmond (R.-Burton)(11-3)
1991 Fulton (H.S.)(14-0)
1990 Seneca(14-0)
1989Woodstock (Marian) (14-0)
1987Woodstock (Marian) (13-1)
1986 Woodstock (Marian) (12-2)
1985Casey (C.-Westfield)(14-0)
1984 Amboy (13-0)
1983Woodstock (Marian) (13-0)
1982 Bloomington (Central Catholic)(12-1)
1981 Danville (Schlarman) (12-1)
1980Danville (Schlarman) (13-0)
1979Decatur (St. Teresa) (12-1)
1978 Stockton (12-1)
1977Mahomet (M.-Seymour)(12-1)
1976 Fulton (H.S.) (13-0)
1975Decatur (St. Teresa) (13-0)
Decatur (St. Teresa) (13-0)

Welcome to Playoff Central. gives you an in depth look at how the playoffs may take shape, by putting you right in the middle of our information control room. We break down who we think is the best bet to win it all and who are the most likely challengers. We also give you a list of the dark horse teams, or sleepers. Those teams that are overlooked throughout the year, but may sneak up o you in the playoffs or those pesky 6-3 & 5-4 teams that don't know when to quit. You can also get the latest info on what games you shouldn't miss each round in "The Big Game" & who the best teams in the state are regardless of class "The Big 30".

Brackets & Scores
1A / 2A / 3A / 4A / 5A / 6A / 7A / 8A

2006 Title Game Date & Time; Nov. 24th 10am

Last Years Champ; Dakota (14-0) Runner-up; Aledo (12-2)

Favorites to win the title;Maroa (M.-Forsyth)9-0,Lena (L.-Winslow)9-0 & Westville 9-0
Other Title Threats; Morrison 8-1 & Johnston City 8-1 &Oneida (ROWVA)9-0
The Dark Horses; None

Favorites to win the title;
Maroa (M.-Forsyth)9-0

Lena (L.-Winslow)9-0

Westville 9-0

Other Title Threats;
Morrison 8-1

Johnston City 8-1

Oneida (ROWVA)9-0

The Dark Horses;




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